How to make Leprechaun Gold Coins

I LOVE silicone molds!!!  I have a weakness for them. Anytime I see one that I don’t own I have a hard time not buying it!  I especially love this new St. Patricks Day Mold that I bought.  It has 4 different mold designs: Gold Coins, Pot of Gold, Leprechaun hat, and Shamrock.  Today I want to show you the amazing gold coin mold. Now … Continue reading How to make Leprechaun Gold Coins

Yoda Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Yoda is a really easy cupcake topper to make.  It requires only a few tools and you can make it as life like as you want or just leave it plain and it still looks good. Here are the tools you will need: The Yoda cookie cutter from Williams-Sonoma . Either a black food coloring pen or black food coloring, a tiny paint brush, clear vanilla, … Continue reading Yoda Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial

I thought I would start with the storm trooper.  It to me was the most time consuming one, but as long as you have a steady hand and patience then you are just fine.  I used the cookie cutter from Amazon If possible make the toppers for the cupcakes a few days before the party so they can harden slightly to hold their shape.  If you … Continue reading Storm Trooper Cupcake Tutorial

3D T-rex cake Tutorial

After taking that structure class in Canada I was soon issued my first challenge.  My middle son had an upcoming birthday and asked for a T-Rex that was standing.  He wasn’t going to make it easy on me.  So I had to figure out the structure that would support a 3D T-Rex! I ended up doing a structure somewhat close to the dog one that I … Continue reading 3D T-rex cake Tutorial

Chevron baby shower cake, Marvelous Mold onlay.

Have you ever struggled to get something to go around your cake in a straight line?  If you have you know how difficult it can be.  That is why I LOVE the Marvelous Mold silicone onlays.  They are not only simple to use, but help you place it on your cake easily and in line. Here are some videos of how to show you how easy … Continue reading Chevron baby shower cake, Marvelous Mold onlay.

How to make the strings of the Basketball hoop cake.

Basketball is a popular sport, so for cake decorators you will probably need to make a basketball cake at least a few times in your career. There are a lot of basketball designs you can do, but this one is super simple and looks more inpressive than just your 3D basketball. The cake actually is super simple to make, yet impressive.  Let me show you … Continue reading How to make the strings of the Basketball hoop cake.