Free Craftsy Classes and Craftsy Unlimited

  I know I have mentioned before how much I love the Craftsy site and all of their classes, but I had to mention two more things about it! DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE SOME CLASSES FOR FREE? They aren’t as long as some of the regular ones, but there are quite a few in each crafting category and they are great.  My favorite … Continue reading Free Craftsy Classes and Craftsy Unlimited

Conversation Heart Cookies the quick and easy way!

Who doesn’t love Conversation Heart Candy! Well how about making a cookie version for Valentines! And what if I told you you could make some in just a few minutes with the way I make them. I found some great cutter/embossers for making Conversation Heart Cookies.  I love how the embosser is on the other side of the cutter so you can choose the thickness … Continue reading Conversation Heart Cookies the quick and easy way!

Paw Patrol Cake, Fondant Character Tutorial!

Recently I made this cake for my daughters birthday.  I loved the method that I used to make the Paw Patrol Characters, so I thought I would share it with you!  It will change the way that you make characters for your cakes forever!  Here is what you need: *Templates *Fondant with Tylose Powder or Gumpaste *Food Color Markers or Royal Icing *Pico Projector * Adapter for HDMI and HDMI to Lighning … Continue reading Paw Patrol Cake, Fondant Character Tutorial!

Gumpaste Peony Tutorial

I love sugar flowers! They are so elegant and beautiful ( I even like them more than real flowers on a cake… don’t tell my sister-in-law the florist). The only down side is that they are time consuming and you need to either see one made or have a great artistic eye to sit down and make one. So for you I created a picture tutorial on how to make a gumpaste/sugar peony.
Continue reading Gumpaste Peony Tutorial

My Favorite Tutorial Sites

I love to learn new techniques and try new things.  In order to do this, I used to travel around and take classes from all the people that you see competing on competitions on TV.  But this is very expensive and time consuming since you have to travel there, stay in a hotel, and pay for the class.  And usually each class is at least … Continue reading My Favorite Tutorial Sites